Kay White, Smart Career Moves Mentor
I've been collaborating with Kay to build her brand and grow her London-based business for 9 years. She's trusted me with a wide variety of projects, from website designs to the design and layout of her latest book. I've helped keep her brand fresh and inspiring, and contributed to her marketing campaigns, social media, product launches and live events and conferences.

We're working our way through our second refresh of her brand materials to support her shift from offering communications mentoring to women in business to offering career mentoring for corporate women. Our strategic design shifts started with her book, and we're working through all of her branded materials over time in a staged rollout.​​​​​​​
Logo and Brand Evolution
Virtual Event Design
Webinar Opt-In, PowerPoint and Social Media
Book and eBooks
Social Media Graphics
Landing Page: Mentorship Enrollment
Kay's Main Website
Live Event Design
Brand Painting, 2012

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